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Body Image in Queer, Trans* and GNC clients

Friday, March 24, 2017: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
La Sirena I (Green Valley Ranch)

Background: In this experiential workshop, participants will gain empathy for their gender non-conforming and LGBTQ clients, learn aspects of body dysphoria associated with gender identity and presentation, discuss validation and affirmation of (both felt and perceived) dysphoria, and practice radical body acceptance as a dynamic process of growth and transition.

Objectives: -the minority stress model as it applies to gender identity -general and specific body dysphoria issues related to gender identity -help clients practice radical self-acceptance with empathy and purpose

Ground Rules to create safe space

Introductions of Presenter and Participants using sociometry and action methods

Elicit questions/goals from participants

Review of Gender Dysphoria: terminology, definitions, diagnosis

Visualization Exercise in Empathy

Discussion of Body Dysphoria specific to trans /GNC persons and their identities using group drawing

Review Radical self-acceptance

Small group practice work

My many years of working with eating-disordered and GNC clients has led me to advocacy with a social justice/feminist perspective. I have repeatedly heard clients describe their previous practitioners as careless, quick to judge, and largely ignorant about trans issues. The primary goal of this workshop is to enable participants to work more comfortably, competently, and empathetically with transgender and gender non-conforming clients. Body dysmorphia is a very frequent feature of gender dysphoria, and facility in working with these aspects of gender identity and presentation will help foster and further the therapeutic alliance.

Utilizing a humanistic approach in both therapy and presentation, I work to create a lively and humor-filled workshop, in order to create openness, spontaneity, and excitement for this work. There will be some didactic material mixed in with experiential work, as well as visualization, and large and small group work. We will finish by taking an active approach to practice and plan next steps moving forward.

Primary Presenter:
Martie van der Voort, MC, LPC

Martie van der Voort, MC, LPC, works as a psychotherapist in private practice and at the University of Arizona, and has been working in the counseling field since 1980. Specialties include gender/LGBT issues, trauma resolution, and eating disorder treatment. She is also a singer, actor, and writer. She believes learning should be active and fun, and has provided lively trainings and workshops for many years.

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