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Critter Brain Trumps Neocortex, “Don’t Touch that Dial!”: New Neuro-Patterning Methods to Decode and Unlock Stuck Eating Disorder Behaviors, Beliefs, and Identities

Sunday, March 2, 2014: 10:50 AM-1:50 PM
Banyan/Citrus (TradeWinds )

Background: ED clients experience a threat to sense of self - relinquishing the lifeline for tough times. The critter brain fires off survival signals, compelling behaviors, because that feels better (safer) than what came before. Learn to decode, re-pattern, and help clients Self-Discover new strategies, uniquely theirs, transforming behaviors, beliefs and identities.

In response to the observations that clients with eating disorders are spiritually starving, dying for meaning and purpose, surviving in fear, stuck in their Present State, and experiencing an Identity Hijack, the development of a new, innovative Eating Disorder treatment and prevention approach began called the Behavior Decoding Method™.  Questions emerged of how to help clients to satisfy their emotional and spiritual hungers, find meaning and purpose in their behaviors currently, quiet their “Critter” brain so that they can access higher levels of functioning, develop a clearly felt Desired State (what having all that they want feels like), and dis-identify with their ED Identity and reclaim their True Self. 

This new method, along with neuro-repatterning techniques, helps to resolve unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs, patterns and identities that contribute to disordered eating and weight-related behaviors across the spectrum.

The BDM™ is a system, consisting of a series of questions and processes designed to elicit through the behavior itself (in the client’s own words), which results in: a clearly formed Desired State (how different than now?), identifying and allowing the thoughts, feelings (desired and triggered) and unmet needs identified at the time of the behavior; the intended positive outcome inherent in the behavior; the client’s Self-Discovery how to satisfy their intrinsic needs, and desires, and transform the well-intended ED behaviors—with respect—into Self-Care Strategies, uniquely their own; and an Energetic Transformation of 'Ah-Ha!" experiences toward healing and recovery.

Presentation of the background, research, and context of the BDM™ are followed by experiential activities in this approach.  In addition, client video demonstrations are shown to reveal the deeply rooted underlying purpose of the client’s disordered eating, body thoughts and behaviors. Through guided self-discovery, and neuro re-patterning techniques, clients learn to come into rapport with themselves, their treatment team, and stop fearing the loss of the ED as the only means to satisfy their various needs and desires. Interactive activity demonstrates Neuro-Repatterning and Neural Resets.

Participants will experience a variety of innovative change patterns in an intuitive and clinically practical approach that can help their clients find peace with food, joy and vitality in their body, and return to health. Experiential opportunities include decoding behaviors, making well-formed outcomes, finding what stops the attainment of the outcome, and how innovative strategies can be extremely effective in sustaining the desired outcome. 

The goals for this workshop are to provide the tools, methods and resources for clinicians—therapists, nutritionists, and others—in various settings, to help their clients:

  • Discover the Purpose and Intended Positive Outcome being served in their current behaviors, building rapport with the client’s Present State (less resistance)
  • Do Real-Time Quick Decoding at the moment the client thinks, talks about, or reaches for behaviors.  The method will quickly interrupt the cycle, and access new ways of coping in the moment.
  • Understand their symbolic language (recognizing patterns as they begin interrupting the cycle)
  • Access and accept their feelings more easily (once accepted and felt, feelings can pass, helping clients to survive without the behavior now and in the future)
  • Activate self-care practices—uniquely their own—(lessens behaviors, because clients discover their OWN solutions, motivating and stabilizing healthy behaviors)
  • Increase motivation, lessen resistance
  • Build self-acceptance and compassion (rapport with Present State and Desired State)
  • Build meaning in recovery (greater IPO, meta-outcome)
  • Sustain recovery (Less likely to lapse or relapse, or switch to other behaviors in place of current) 

The Behavior Decoding Method™ and Neuro-repatterning:

  • Applies to all diagnoses across the continuum of clinical ED, sub-clinical and prevention (can prevent switching behaviors)
  • Works not only on client’s Environment/Ecology, Capabilities, and Behaviors, but also identifies and restores clients' Beliefs, Identity and Spiritual Connection to sustain behavioral transformation
  • Can be used with individual clients or groups  (including support groups for loved ones)
  • Includes real life demonstrations via video
  • Helps clients to self-discover—in REAL TIME—behavior change strategies and self-care practices uniquely their own, lessening resistance and building trust
  • Improves motivation for recovery, as clients have a positive experience and often ASK for more sessions
  • User-friendly
  • Research-based in RCT pilot test 
Primary Presenter:
Barbara J. Birsinger, ThD, MPH, RD, CEDRD

Barbara Birsinger, ThD, MPH, RD, CEDRD, Master NLP, Medical Nutrition Therapist and Spiritual Health Counselor, specializes in treating the entire spectrum of eating disorders. Recovered nearly 30 years, Barbara is passionate about helping others heal. With a Theology Doctorate in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine, her research is being reviewed for publication. She's currently authoring a book on her popular, self-discovery process, Decoding the Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning in Hungers, Food Cravings, Body Talk and Weight. Barbara practices in California with the Integrative Medical Clinic, The Body Positive Institute, and The Healthy Teen Project.

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