Evidence Based Alternative Therapies (Panel Discussion)

Thursday, March 3, 2011: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Point Hilton at Squaw Peak
A distinguished panel of experts will discuss different angles of what constitutes "evidence based" treatment and will explore evidence relating to the contribution of "alternative therapies" such as yoga, meditation, massage and more. The notion that what canít be quantified doesnít count will be examined.
I.     Introduction by panel chair (Carolyn Costin) (5 to 10 min.)

II.   Panel members speak 10 minutes each (40 min. total)

    a.    Carolyn Costin

    b.   Dr. Anita Johnston

    c.    IAEDP board-selected panel member

    d.   IAEDP board-selected panel member

 III. Question and Answer Period (remaining time left of presentation)

Evidenced based treatment is an important concept in today's world.  Clients, clinicians and insurance companies all want to know the most effective treatments available.  Continuing to explore successful strategies is necessary to improve our success rates.  However, there are several problems with the "evidenced based" stance.  One problem is the cost of large-scale studies and the types of studies that get funded.  Research has demonstrated a few effective methods to use with eating disorder clients but we are still far from knowing how to best treat and cure these individuals.

Panelists will also delve into the idea of what happens when our ability to quantify what we do in the therapy sessions fails us and how can we measure the art of therapy as opposed to the science?  Questions such as, How do we share or value information that cannot be measured in traditional, scientific ways? will be explored.

Primary Presenter:
Carolyn Costin Costin, MFt, MA, MEd, CEDS

Carolyn Costin, MFT, has been a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders since l979. As a previous board member of NEDA, a current board member of IAEDP and a fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders Carolyn is extensively involved in the field. Her experience and her own personal recovery from anorexia nervosa enhance her understanding of these complex disorders. Ms. Costin is the founder and director of The Eating Disorder Center of California and Monte Nido and RainRock Residential Treatment Centers, and frequently appears as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at national conferences. Carolyn's books, The Eating Disorder Source Book, Your Dieting Daughter, and her newest book 100 Questions and Answers About Eating Disorders have helped professionals as well as those suffering and the lay public, in the understanding, treatment and prevention of eating and body image problems.

Anita Johnston, PhD

Anita Johnston, Ph.D. developed Hawaii's first in-patient eating disorders treatment program at Kahi Mohala Hospital in 1986. Currently, she is Director of the Anorexia & Bulimia Center of Hawaii which she co-founded in 1982, Clinical Director and Founder of ĎAi Pono Eating Disorders Programs in Honolulu, and Senior Advisor/Clinical Consultant for Focus Center for Eating Disorders and Moonpointe Eating Disorders IOP in Tennessee. She is author of Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationships with Food Through Myth, Metaphor, and Storytelling, and an international speaker and workshop leader with a private practice in Hawaii.