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iaedp Certification: Everything You Need to Know

Sunday, March 2, 2014: 10:50 AM-12:20 PM
Sawgrass (TradeWinds )

Background: Certification of clinicians who specialize in the field of eating disorders is one of the hallmarks of iaedp. Now is the time to give a new, or second, look at the certification process, and have all of your questions about the Traditional and Equivalency options answered.

iaedp Certification:

Everything You Need to Know

Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD, LD, CSSD

Director, iaedp Certification

I.                    Welcome and Introduction

II.                  Mission and Goal of iaedp

III.                History of iaedp Certification

IV.                Benefits of certification

V.                  Designations of certification

a.      Traditional Route

b.      Equivalency Route

VI.                Maintenance of certification

VII.              Questions/Answers

As the rate of individuals affected by eating disorders continues to grow, a greater need for qualified treatment providers in the field exists. iaedp has recognized that need by offering a rigorous Certification Program, established in 2002 and continually strengthened and updated to maintain its strong reputation in the mental health field.  It is iaedp’s mission to promote excellence in competency assessment for professionals in the eating disorders field through offering a rigorous set of criteria for the evaluation of education, training, knowledge and experience.  iaedp’s goal is to provide professional certification that is obtainable and affordable without compromising the high level of standards necessary. 

Have you considered becoming certified, but wonder how it can benefit you and your practice? Confused about which certification route best fits your needs and experience? Thought about it in the past but it seemed too daunting, or confusing, and you set it on the back burner? Now is the time to give a new, or second, look at certification. A specialized certification is available for licensed therapists, physicians, registered dietitians and registered nurses who specialize in eating disorder treatment. This presentation will answer your questions about which certification route fits your needs - Traditional or Equivalency - and review the qualifications required for each and the steps to take towards completion of your application.

Primary Presenter:
Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD, LD, CSSD

Consultant, speaker, author, sports dietitian and certified eating disorder registered dietitian since 1993, Tammy Beasley brings years of experience and compassion to her work. Tammy currently serves as Director of iaedp's Certification Committee, having served as co-chair for three years prior. Her unique perspective on wellness, resulting from over 27 years of consulting in weight management, sports nutrition and EDs, has helped create the RevItUP! for Life program, which celebrates living well, without food or dieting guilt. She was recognized as Alabama's Outstanding Dietitian in 2007 and Emerging Dietetic Leader in 2010.

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